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Disruptor builds electric drive trains for Evo-Mod race and ski boats.  We take yesterday’s hulls, and fit them with tomorrow’s drive trains.  We offer turn key boats, drivetrain kits, or individual parts.

September 2022 our first race boat broke the electric speed record.  A short time later Vision Marine outboards on a Hellkat Marine hull took the record.  In the fall of 2023 Disruptor Boats will regain the record, and be the only e-boat campaigning the National Drag Boat Series, including events at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland Missouri.

more partners

We would love to push your brand nationally and internationally, and are seeking strategic partners in these spaces:

• Carbon fiber hulls, layup, and forged carbon

• Axial and radial flux motors

• Enclosed trailers

• Race event & travel budget

short term goals

• Fall 2023 start testing 1 Tesla sport motor, 12 LG Chem batters, AEM dash & controller

• Reset water speed record, current record 109 mph, goal 125 mph

• Build/test single v-drive with 2 Tesla sport motors, and 100C purpose built battery pack, AEM dash & controller

• Reset water speed record, goal 175 mph

Longer short term goal

Longer short
term goal

Capsule and 200 mph

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